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Weekly Prayer Sheet

Praying Together wherever we are - 8th and 15th October


Today, Sunday, is the Alpha Holy Spirit event and we pray for Russell and Clive as they lead that time and for the guests as that they will know a move of the Spirit in their lives. We pray for the team that they will have wisdom and understanding. On Monday we have the penultimate Alpha session when the subjects will be How do I resist evil? and Does God heal today? We pray for Russell as he speaks and for the guests as they listen and discuss.

Lord, for all that you are doing through this Alpha series, we give you thanks and praise.


We pray for the ongoing recovery of Wendy Robinson's brother, Neil, following a further spell in hospital and for his daughter as she supports him and her son in his educational needs.

We pray for all of our church family who are struggling with health issues or one sort or another. May each one have someone to share concerns with and gain reassurance in how they should check them out. Give each the confidence to trust another to listen well, speak Godly wisdom and care that is right for each.

Father, you know our every need and we come to you trusting that you will supply what we need if we would only ask.


We pray for those who are preparing to be Baptised next month.

Lord Jesus to witness our faith and commitment is a joy. To profess our faith openly and freely is your desire. For those who feel called and prompted by you we pray that you would give them confidence in being Baptised and may we as a congregation be ready to encourage and empower those who He is calling.


This month we are praying for Uganda Women Concern Ministry which is an indigenous, Christian non-governmental organisation who are making a HUGE impact in improving the lives of the most vulnerable groups in quite remote communities in and around Mbale, east Uganda. We give thanks for all the staff at UWCM - for their vision, faithful service and commitment to their work and we also give thanks for all the hundreds of volunteers who make up the various Community Groups who are trained, supported and encouraged by UWCM. UWCM teach these groups of volunteers - usually from the local church - to recognise their own God given skills and resources, and then to use these to support the most vulnerable people within their communities. It is an amazing, and truly humbling, model of working.


The Methodist Bristol District Youth Weekend is taking place at Nailsea from 13 - 15 October - as the young people and leaders gather weary that this will be a time to make new friendships, to refresh existing ones and to build and grow faith in Jesus. Energy and stamina we pray for all.


This week is World Homeless Week (9-15)- across the globe there are more than 100 million homeless people who are fleeing violence famine and poverty. In England, more than 4,000 people sleep rough on any given night. This number is increasing for many reasons. A home is not just a roof over our heads - it is a place to belong and thrive, a place to be ourselves and become what God has created us to be.

Father, it's easy when we have a safe, loving, comfortable place to call home and people to share it and time with us so that we can boom and thrive, We pray for all those who have nowhere to call home and pray that in that you will be real to them through those who share their gifts of money, resources, love and compassion to enable the homeless to know that they do belong to you.


Churches Together in Clevedon are praying for Credit Union (8th) - we pray that there will be an awareness of the facility and that those who would most benefit will access it. Give thanks for the visions and that it be made known.

For the week of 15th - The Church of the Immaculate Conception. We pray for Father Reg Gray and those who support him in his role as Acting Parish Priest. We pray for all the activities within the parish in service and mission.


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Some named prayers may be excluded on privacy grounds.

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