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Prayer postcard - 13th August 2017

Church Family

We pray for Freddie who has been in hospital all week having had a prolonged seizure. He is now in high dependency and we pray that he will make a good recovery. Progress is slower than normal, we lift Freddie, Justine and all his family to God in this time.

When one is suffering, we all feel their pain. We continue to pray for Geoff, an uncle of Lorna Robinson, who had a serious motorcycle crash is now making progress and in Weston Hospital.

We pray for Lorna's brother Richard who is looking to move from rehab to Andrew House. We pray that if this is the right move for him the right time for it will be clear.

We continue to pray for Heather Richards' Dad now in a nursing home which is more convenient for her Mum to visit and is a lovely caring, friendly and welcoming place. We pray for resolution of mobility issues.

We give thanks for the life of Ros Whittaker, a regular member at Monday lunch and communion, for her commitment and faith in Jesus. We pray for all those who mourn her passing.

We pray for all those who are grieving for loved ones at this time, that they will know God's peace, strength and comfort each day.

Summer camps

We give thanks for all that God was doing through the Holy Spirit at Falcon Camps and New Wine and pray that all those who attended, in whatever capacity, would be encouraged. Lord, as they are encouraged so are we and we pray for our our own continuing boldness in prayer.

We pray for the Hill House camps taking place each week during the summer holidays and again for safety, energy and opportunities to show God's love in Jesus. We pray for Jim Humphries as he attends the camp this week as a leader.

Uganda Women Concern Ministry

Uganda Women Concern Ministry (UWCM): The Prayer & Porridge programme continues to make a huge impact on the lives of hundreds of children and families. Through our support, over 200 children in this very poor community were able to start a new school term on time as they were given the necessary exercise books/pens/pencils. We are also supporting 1 girl through university and she is now in her final year and on target to achieve a first class degree (she is the first person from this community ever to have gone to university). Their work with Women's Groups and Community Teams also continues to grow and this last quarter they purchased the land and enabled groups to build 2 new homes for needy families as well as supporting several individuals and families with income generating activities, training in microfinance and other skills.

However, there is still a huge need for funding for adult literacy projects; teenage mother projects; solar panels; vocational training schemes. Please pray that UWCM and also Uganda Concern UK will be able to secure long term funding for these projects. Lastly, Nasta Watua, sadly, had to resign as Executive Director of UWCM due to poor health and they ask us to join them in praying for the most appropriate staff members to take up the positions of Programme Manager and Accountant.

Clevedon people

This week with Churches Together in Clevedon we are praying for Clevedon Care and give thanks for all the work they do in giving transport to people in Clevedon and surrounding areas so that they can get to hospital appointments and other necessary needs. We pray that there will always be sufficient volunteer drivers and office staff and give thanks for the provision in the past.

We pray for all those young people awaiting A level results on Thursday (17th) that they will feel that they are representative of what they have done. May their next steps be clear and rewarding.


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