Health & Safety

Christchurch has a published Health and Safety Policy a copy of which is displayed on the church noticeboard in the foyer.

All church activities must be subject to a Risk Assessment a copy of which should be sent to the Church Health and Safety Officer in advance of the activity taking place.

Contact details for the Health and Safety Officer are shown on the church Weekly Sheet "minidirectory".

A template for use by those preparing Risk Assessments is shown below - paper copies are also included in the Risk Assessment file kept in Room 4 (cupboard 4) where there are also information sheets giving definitions of the "Likelyhood" and "Consequence" ratings that must be applied in all Asssessments.

The file also contains a digest of Risk Assessments already undertaken and to which reference can be made where a new one is being prepared.

For further information please refer to the Church Email:

Sample Risk assessment Template

Risk 5=High
Max 30
Risk Rating
X times Y plus Y
Focus on highest rated issues first
Example: Slippery floor 2 4 12 Manage distribution and consumption of drinks and food
Manage children during mealtime
Quickly remove slops and food from the floor if spilled
Floorcovering is flat and impermeable - easy clean surface
Example: Slippery floor 3 4 16 Control dancing via the 'caller'
Segregate children from adults during mealtimes
Control children during dncing via parental management
Segregate eating and dancing areas and times to avoid conflicts
To download a PDF copy of this form click HERE
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